Thursday, May 7, 2009

What thinking skills should I target for my classroom?

Knowledge and Identifying and recalling information. Acquisition and Integration of Knowledge.
Applying Past knowledge to new situations. Finding Humor. Thinking Interdependently. Learnig continously. Responding with wonderment and awe. Thinking and communicating with clarity and precision. Striving for accuracy and precision. Constructing support.


  1. Having basic knowledge is important before you can have students apply it to new situations. I wish that I could find more humor in the lessons, but sometimes the students don't get my humor. Kids think they can learn something and that's it, they can forget it, but the learning does continue and builds. Students need to take on the responsibility of striving for higher accuracy in their work.

  2. I will be using some of the same ones in my unit as well. I need a little work on the humor part.

  3. I agree that humor is sometimes hard to bring into the classroom with certain subjects. I have used cartoons that correlate with my lessons and it has worked well. I scan them and file them in my unit folders, then pop them up at the beginning or end of class. I find them in magazines, books, and on the internet. Good luck and keep laughing. Annie